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Our office is located at:


11975 Morris Road, Suite 210

Alpharetta, GA 30005


Our office hours are:


Monday - Friday  9 am - 5 pm


Our phones open at 8:30 am


Phone:  (770) 664-0088

Fax:        (770) 664-8228


Please see our Office Policies page for more detailed information.

North Point Pediatrics offers online access to patient forms in order to help our patients save time by filling out forms before their office visits.


Please see our Patient Forms page for a complete listing of forms available for your convenience.

North Point Pediatrics is pleased to offer Prenatal Orientations for expectant parents who are interested in choosing our physicians to provide the best care for their families. These orientations give prospective parents an opportunity to learn more about what is to be expected from our practice.


Please see our Expectant Parents page for a complete listing of available dates.

We highly recommend that your child receive immunizations on a regular schedule. These immunizations will keep your child protected against certain childhood diseases.


For a complete listing of vaccinations provided, please visit our Immunizations page.

North Point Pediatrics will provide the best possible health care for your child. We are pleased to offer a few answers for common concerns that may arise that may not necessarily warrant an office visit.


Please visit our Common Concerns page for more detailed instructions on how to treat fever, diarrhea, diaper rash, constipation, vomiting, common colds, and other illnesses.

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission is an independent Federal Regulatory Agency working to reduce the risk of injuries and deaths associated with consumer products.  Our Safety Tips page relies heavily on the information provided by the Commission.

Due to a large number of requests, North Point Pediatrics now offers in-office ear piercings by appointment only. 


Please visit our Ear Piercings page for more information.


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